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60-Minute Podcasting Workshops

Are you interested in starting a podcast? Learning how to monetize? Build an audience? Learn what gear is right for you? PodcastGuide provides a range of workshops that will help you. These workshops are planned to each be 60 minutes long and your registration gives you lifetime access to the workshop and files. Revisit and re-watch it as many times as you want.

These will be low-cost/high-value workshops that tap into experienced experts to teach you the best practices of podcasting. The planned price for these workshops starts at just $19.99. This price may change and you can guarantee yourself a spot at the lowest available price by joining the waitlist for any or all of them.

Workshop # Workshop Title Length Planned Price*
PG-101 How to Start a Podcast 60 min $19.99
PG-102 The Business End of Podcasting 60 min $19.99
PG-103 How to Pick a Podcast Topic 60 min $19.99
PG-104 How to Find Your Audience 60 min $39.98
PG-105 Podcast Storytelling Techniques 60 min $19.99
PG-106 Podcast Marketing and Promotion 60 min $19.99
PG-107 Interviewing Skills for Podcasters 60 min $19.99
PG-108 Monetizing Your Podcast 60 min $19.99
PG-109 Podcasting Equipment and Studio Setup 60 min $19.99
PG-110 Podcasting for Educational Purposes 60 min $19.99
PG-111 Podcast Editing Techniques and Tips 60 min $19.99
PG-112 Podcast Analytics and Audience Insights 60 min $19.99
PG-113 Building a Successful Podcast Brand 60 min $19.99
PG-114 What Businesses Gain from Podcasting: the Power of Branded Podcasts: 60 min $49.98
* This is the planned price for the workshop. Workshop prices are subject to change without notice. Guarantee yourself a spot at the lowest available price by joining the waitlist now.

This Podcast was Boosted!