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Trauma Rewired

Fawn & Sexual Fawn

Podcast: Trauma Rewired
Ep Date: Sep 18, 2023
Season: 3
Episode: 13 See all episodes
Length: approx. 53 minutes.
Language: en
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The four trauma responses are the brain’s way of protecting us from threat, real or perceived. They are noncognitive, reflexive outputs that are deeply ingrained in those that have experienced trauma, which makes them incredibly difficult responses to rewire. In this episode, we explore the most dangerous F: fawn and sexual fawn response.

To help us dive deeper into fawn response, we’re joined by Luis Mojica, somatics practitioner and the founder of Holistic Life Navigation. Hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth have personally learned a lot from his teachings, including how the nervous system responds to fawn and the body boundary violations that occur with sexual fawning.

During this episode, Luis goes over the concept of over coupling, specifically how fear merges with intimacy and threat with arousal because of developmental sexual trauma. Luis also touches on the difference between threat and trigger, how the body can be traumatized sexually without the presence of assault, and MORE.

Tune in to learn how you can let go of shame attached to fawn response, recognize your fawn patterns, and start to heal!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • The development of over coupling after developmental sexual trauma

  • Fawn response from a neurosomatic perspective

  • Shame as a protective mechanism and how to reframe it 

  • How to become self-aware of your fawning

  • Trigger versus threat

  • Differentiation between sexual fawning and arousal

  • Fawning and freeze as a hybrid response

  • Lying as a trauma response

  • Finding compassion during healing

  • Body boundary violations in sexual fawning


Get started training your nervous system with our FREE 2-week offer:


Learn more about the Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coaching program here: https://www.neurosomaticintelligence.com/?utm_medium=aff-traumarewired&utm_content&utm_source


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Join the Trauma Rewired Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/761101225132846

Head to https://calendly.com/traumarewired/consultation for a consultation to identify trauma responses in your own life and learn how to train your nervous system to move out of behaviors that aren’t serving you!


Follow Luis Mojica on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holistic.life.navigation/


Sign up for the Holistic Life Navigation LIVE 6-week course with Luis at https://www.holisticlifenavigation.com!



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Trauma Rewired

from Jennifer Wallace & Elisabeth Kristof
Episodes: 158
Most recent episode: Dec 04, 2023
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About this podcast: The Podcast that teaches you about your nervous system, how trauma gets stored in the body and what you can do to heal.

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