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Generation Film

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Generation Film

from ElectraCast Media LLC
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Episodes: 13
Most recent episode: Nov 28, 2023
Last Checked: Nov 29, 2023 04:46 AM
Language: en Explicit: no Podcast Style: episodic
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About this podcast: Which classic films still work for audiences today? On Generation Film, two guys born in the middle of 20th Century movie culture select a classic film to share with a panel of young film lovers — and see how it plays for todays generation.   Along the way we discuss the making of each film, the state of the world when it was made, its reception by critics and public when originally released, and how its reputation has grown over the years. Discussions cover changes in representation, storytelling styles and the world itself since each film came out. At the end of every episode each panelist rates the movie and reveals whether they would recommend it to a friend. Join us on Generation Film as we explore the greatest classic movies through the eyes of film lovers young and old. An ElectraCast Production.

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