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Podcast Guide

The Community Search Engine for Podcasts

Podcast Guide's mission is to bring podcasts and listeners together. It's more than a listing service. It's a search engine for podcasts. It's a community that helps listeners discover new podcasts, helps creators build a stronger audience and generate revenue, and helps advertisers tap into the powerful podcast marketplace.

For Podcast Listeners

Podcast Guide is a free service designed to help you find the podcasts that cover the topics that mean the most to you. We call it "episode-first" because Podcast Guide helps users get right into the episodes that new podcasts are producing.

  • Search podcasts and episodes to find new voices.
  • Quickly see what new episodes have been released.
  • Browse categories that appeal to you.
  • Easily see what new episodes are available.
  • Rate and comment on podcasts and see what other people have said.
You can even follow podcasts and a special page shows gives you a one-stop spot to listen to new episodes from the podcasts you follow.

For Podcast Creators

Podcast Guide is more than just another outlet for your hard work. It is a resource specifically designed to help your podcast connect with new listeners and generate revenue.

List your podcast for free on Podcast Guide and be part of the discovery engine that's changing the way people find podcasts.

For about the price of a cup of coffee, Premiere Podcasts appear at or near the top of relevant search and category results as well as in relevant "Other Podcasts to consider" sections. Plus, you can receive host-read ad offers for your podcast -- offers that follow parameters you set. You can accept, reject, or make a counter-offer. Podcast Guide takes care of all the logistics.

Add Your Podcast Become a Premiere Podcast

For Advertisers

If you've thought about tapping into the power of podcasting to reach your market, you're in luck. Podcast Guide provides a way for you to efficiently connect with audiences across multiple podcasts.

  • Host-read ads
  • Paid Guest spots
  • Relevant ad positions on Podcast Guide
  • Custom programs
  • and more
According to Edison Research, data from 2019 shows that 32 million people listen to podcasts at least once a month, tend to have 12% more income than average, and listen to, on average, seven podcast per week.

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